Are Your Gutters Blocked, Rusted, or Leak When It Rains?

Like most gutters, they're probably blocked with leaves. When gutters are blocked, rainwater can't escape through the downpipes, so it escapes whichever way it can. This could mean overflow, creating huge puddles and damage to your gardens, or be forced inside your home, where damage can be far worse.


Gutter Guard

  Gutter Guard is a protective mesh installed over your gutters. It lets rain in, and keeps leaves, sticks, bark and other potential blockages out. It's quick and easy to install, and considering how much it can save you in the long term, it's incredibly cost effective.

The Result Is: No blockage. No rust or leakage. No damage to your property.

Plus: If you live in Bush Fire prone area, gutter guard keeps potential fuel out of your gutters, keeping your family safe.

Gutter Repairs

If your house has rusty or leaky gutters, blocked or undersized downpipes, then every time it rains, your house is being subjected to water damage. The longer you leave your guttering problems, the worse they'll get. And remember, water and electricity don't mix. Guttering problems can be a fire hazard and endanger your family. Plus, if they look unsightly, they're devaluing your home, your biggest asset.

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Gutter Inspections

A full inspection of your gutters can last about 45minutes and includes digital photos of:

  • Any contaminated (rusting) areas on gutters.
  • Guttering problems requiring immediate action.
  • Any potential risks, such as rotting timbers, eave damage, blocked or damaged storm water or down pipes.


A verbal report will then outline the most cost effective solution to your guttering problems.

If you'd like a detailed, written report to review, we'll post it within 24 hours. Valued at $159, you'll receive it for just $59 AND if you go ahead with our services, this cost will be taken off your quote.

After your inspection, you'll be fully informed about your gutters and what they require. We're happy for you to compare our prices with other roofing companies so you can make an informed decision. Make us one of your three quotes and you'll see how competitive our prices are. With Reliance Roofing, you'll experience a high standard of value, workmanship, knowledge and advice. And remember, all of our work is guaranteed from start to finish, so you'll always receive the best value for your money.




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